another year

Well, another year has passed, this year's surprise bash was ok.. just that I am sleeping and well they just budge it while I was sleeping... resting.. haha it is just getting wilder every year.. man...

This year counts more people than the last and thank you ALL for a good surprise.

I am down with food poisoning, and it is suffering, I don't remember having food poisoning ever in my life, guess you've got to have experience it.. oh wait. I remember, I had a food poisoning when I was a kid, almost died, was rushed to the hospital and was there for few days while i recover.. that was crazy, don't really remember much about that as I was very young.

I ate some seafood and I am fine with seafood, just this time I didn't know what happened and yea everything was bloated in my belly, I make a good number of spagetti sos, and vomitted twice, also I purposely vomit so that I feel better... haha now I am not sure if I am alright, pray to God that I will be =)

alright thanks for all the wishes everyone.. ! adios

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Kimberly said...

dont u get food poisoning during one of the church camp?

haha.. take good care of urself ah..