Happy Birthday Jo,

Well, yes it is Joleen's Birthday today and we celebrated in 1U, had to go there early so I don't get like no parking!!!

we went and watch 2 movie... STORMBREAKER and PRESTIGE.. the 2nd one is super nice not the 1st one watse of money. So anyway... we both don't like shopping so we just went around doing nothing... haha and watch movie all day long.. all day long.. hahaha

Birthday did came early for me, I got 2 presents from her.. both also CD.. so cool.. lol the 1st was this.. JARS of CLAY - Good Monsters....

Now I know I am not a big Jars of Clay fans, but I thought that their this album is kinda cool. lol particularly some of the songs, it is just so different melody and everything. kinda solemn.. but overall.. good album!! The 2nd album, she last minute buy it behind my back.. but I saw it hahaha but still goodo effort for her.. she is a good companion.. really... here it is -

Yea the pic is a lil blur, but it is FREAKED cd.. caught me eyes straight... and guess what'? it is like artist complilation of DC talk's songs, I have heard some and definately brought back memeories of my 1st rock christian cassettes.. very nice cover as well =) goonna love it ;) well..

than you Jo .. you're the best.. Happy Birthday to u and me...

ok guys, thanks for the encouragement in my previous post.. u guys rock.. and weeling, thanks for the Access:d in uk.. haha good night world~


Anonymous said...

hehe, thank u too coz ur also a great companion to me =)thanks for the wonderful beautiful gift ! =)


Rachz said...

Happiez belated birthday, Jo -_-|| and.. Happiez birthday Bra~