Money has always been controlling human instead of the other way round. I hardly talk about money so that's something I don't really like make it a major issue of life. I love money.. who don't? but I just don't make it master over me.

Well, I am a big spender in little things... that's why sometimes you cant see me spend that much.. most people would save save save save.. and kaboom.. spend on a new phone.. I am not that kind of person. I spend a lot on CDs. Buying some cool weird gadgets, and I do really enjoy them. =) speaking of which Wee Ling is so kind to send the Access:d in the tin can back to Malaysia which thanks to her mom who went with her there and brought back the cds. Just thinking how am I going to pay her mom... MAN! RM 78 bucks.. since I have the tin might as well give the non-tin one away?? let me think about it..

spend spend spend.. what can I do in spending? I really have to save up hard. I want to get married by 25/26 which by then I'll have to be ready and paying my apartment which I should renovate and have some kind of theater inside with some nice bathroom right ok tiem for bed john.. time for bed..

Night everyone.. night.


joleen said...

XD, ok ur serious about the theather hahahah... i spent alot on food n transport

Christine S. said...

lol lol lol planning summore nice bathroom =.=