We did it...

For years we have been trying to surprise pastor and only once or twice we succeeded that's kinda sad. But yesterday was a big bang!... Well, let's just say he chose the "correct" timing to shift his house.

So only few of us work hard during the shifting, and Now I am so tired. We shift some heavy stuff, some boxes... It is like he has like so many things to shift. The best part is, the lift brake down (don't comment on my spelling... that's what was write on the lift haha) so yea walking and carrying it is!!!

Then I had an idea.. to steal the key and pass to jeff on our 2nd trip so they can hide inside the house.. yea.. so after 2nd round... joe and jenn "went back" but I have a few stuff in his house, so I went over and what do you know.. 2 clowns bust from the store room and "happy birthday to you" song was sung! you should see the face.. he was like.. What the.. how you get in.... hahaha Awesome.. and then we wait for jenn and joe and ch and issac to come from some far place.. haha so funny.

Then we headed home but I was feeling kinda crappy, my stomach was like kinda weird so I did not do any design on the album, but went to bed instead. Now I am in office blogging.. I am feeling perfectly fine...

well Happy early birthday! ... and good day for the rest of you.

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