Summer of Love....

This song is one of my favourite Delirious? Song... This song came forth from one of the tragedy that Stew Smith's (the drummer) experience. It was summer in the UK and his wife suffer miscarriage... so they wrote this song.. but instead of cursing God and and asking why? they sing about how God is the maker and holds everything in his hands.... this is why I respect these guys...

This is how I feel right now.. even when its not summer in Malaysia... but God... won't you just make everything wrong right and every right... righter!!

There is a light that shines upons us
There is a heaven, it's where I'm longing to be
Would you please come talk to me

There is a darkness that falls upon us
There is a blindness that makes me hunger for you
Will you lead me through?

Summer of Love, so full of pain
Summer of Love, was God to blame

There is a song I have been singing
It brings the healing, that's what I'm longing to see
Would you please come fall on me

You probably know that I love a Saviour
His name is Jesus, and I am living to be
Just a faithful one to Thee

Summer of Love, so full of pain
Summer of Love, was God know your name

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