Interesting week

why? because...

I got my 1st pay cheque! but I made a promise to God, as a first fruit offering, however I did not give all, but I gave.. wait a minute, why must I tell you?

Watched like 3 sermon DVD from hillsong, only one is new to me, the rest is old ones.. but I tell you watching it again is crazy.. its like so much to learn still and good reminders. My favourite is definitely Christine Caine. I remember having YA nsw tapes and saw her face on the director's notes section and I went like.. hmm.. a female director, must be some super lady.. true enough she is... awesome message!

one of my Delirious 'deeper' cd is missing, No idea where it went, just poof... disappeared. I hope it is in the office, I never toke them down from the car so I am not sure where is it now... so sad. thank God I still have the signatured one in the case, I would not have know that i was missing until jasmine asked me for

So late.. off to bed.. my cd my cd my cd my cd :(

I won something that I am not that good and lazy to play the strategic game.. RISK! LOTR style.... this is like my 4 and a half time playing any kind of Risk... but we did not finish playing it but I won far more than any other people... crazy... haha I just love to irritate people =) ok got to go church yo.. GOOD morning!.


Kimberly said...

wow.. i missing playing RISK..

anyway.. yday Hillsong United was here in Perth.. woohoo.. FOC.. haha..

check out my blog..

Christine S. said...

i want to play RISK!! *never played before :P