Random #?

Alright, this week is rather alright, I haven't got bored at my work, so that's something good, I still have the passion in designing.. and coding. To be honest, I like coding better than designing, its just that coding takes up a lot of time, and everyday I feel like I did not much ARGH... but as the matter of fact, i did quite a lot.

I still can't get the Design right. But I did quite some design and boss seems to buy it. I think its ok. I hope I'll be better at prototyping. Just takes up a lot of time and he expect me to work as fast as possible on that.

Oh well.. HAPPY birthday Joe... if you're reading... haha sorry about the pics, but yea I enjoy looking at them.. oh how your body transform like caterpillar to butterfly haha just kidding.. and I gave him ang pow.. haha good for him

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