Ah so many things happen in just a span time of few days.. that's interesting as usually all I get is a boring days.. but anyway..

thing number 1... (thursday)

I fell hard on thursday, well after a month (or so) of not playing ball, finally I can't reject, I have to play with me boss, but as usual, they are kinda always moving slow paced... I went to the court myself. It wasn't alot of people that day, So I just play with other people, 2 on 2... my team obviously were trashed. But that's not the point. I did manage to steal a ball, but I lost my balance and I was like leaning forward while still running like forward.. forward.. forward.. (to the point I think I am close to Micheal Jackson 'smooth criminal' dance move and then KABAAAAAAAAAAAM..... with all the force and momentum, I crashed! not sure which part 1st, I assumed that it was my shoulder... cause that hurt badly... (more like burned)

thing number 2...(friday)

Well, today, me boss decided that I should go see client, well ok.. went to ROCKWILLS... one will writing company. Very interesting meeting, with them and they are funny, all the Ceo000oos like dunno any 'technology' and very fascinated with flash.. I think you know what I talking.. all the uncles! haha.. and there is a full flash presentation project coming in.. my boss is like I am charging xxxx K for 10 pages for this project.. I am like what the heck.. haha guess that's the market's rate lol very interesting I should say.

But what was more interesting was the journey back he was like talking about his vision to me and ask me a lot... like what do I want to do.. do I want to do branding, can I lead a team of people... and I was like.. are you trying to promote me.. haha very cool blessing from God... well of course... the time and plan is still up to God...

thing number 3 (saturday)

I did not get much sleep last night, was trying to finish up the album design, but not able to do so since I overlapped a few pages. what a dumb person.. Can't blame me la I did like until so late the thing so like too blur. I slept at 3am.. woohoo.. woke up at 7.30am and continue working.. then I realise that I could not finish it and can't do anymore, cause I have to go to help my pastor shift house..

WAH alot big stuff.. we were like shifting and the lift still "brake down" well that's crazy, during the process, cause of the lack of space and the humongous furnitures (which much scratch was done to it during shifting) we had to squeeze ourself and some parts hit my shoulders and the wound was re-injured. yea yea big deal.. so when we were done, we do not have any more energy left.. fuyo giler.

So today the YA is very hyper. Good, alot turn up .. Good (guess they want to go to nat's party) half way socialising and my dad called.. eh you go pick ur brother from college at 7:30pm I was like.. oh ok sure..well Ya was great. the worship was great lead by Christine... although she was let down by it I think its alright, games.. ah what a game..

nvm then after YA went home to rotate one important video from horizontal to vertical went out fetch my brother.. come back rush to nat's place where she reserved some food for me, thanks alot... but I did not manage to eat aaron's cake, too full. then sat down resting then edmund was like so hyped up make us laugh like mad... with all his lame things.. ahhhh so tired... went home crashed! what else?

thing number 4 (sunday)

today woke up at 8:30 around there, dress up.. almost fell asleep during sermon and after service.. Wee Ling's mom came looking for me.. and passed me the CDs.. the Access:d well, I had the normal version, but I bought another one.. why? cause it is in a tin very special and designer like and I am a d: freak! so yea I wanted it and I got it that's all here's the tin =) I dun think I want to use the cd to listen to the songs... will keep the cds hahahahhaha pardon me too excited

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Rei said...

just notice sth weird, bra u always look sporty and all rite, but i wonder y i cant relate you to any sports -_-||