10 more days

It is over... the busy period I mean. Well I want to wish everyone a Blessed Christmas, though it is late but we still have 10 more days... today it is suppose to be 2nd day.. (2 calling birds) which is a Christian song I believe 12 days of Christmas meaning There you go. So what are the highlights? This is really a weird question as I have a lot of programs to fill started even after HUGE camp. Been up and down church during lunch breaks having to skip lunch. Now a days skipping meals are quite a norm for me already =(

Had fun directing some deco stuff. Do multimedia for CODE RED. watching code red, clicking computeres and then do a post production on the DVD which I hope can be done soon. Hope only la. Received a couple of presents, gave only a handful of presents that caused me to go broke the 'Joy' of giving. But I kinda got struck down with this thought this year only... It is Jesus' birthday. What did he get? which in turn I gave him offering. and also sang that song.. I Offer My Life by Matt Redman. Can say My favourite song of all time too.. This song is quite old actually. One day I'll sing it.

23 - Code Red all day
24 - Sunday Service... Went Joleen's Church in the evening.. which she sang Carol of the bell with her vocal gang which was absolutely stunning that it blew me off my chair.. Just going there for that also worth it...
25 - Service again and with Code Red again... so crazy. Went last minute shopping bought a few of the presents that's it.. that's all I did... and then went Itallianies for food in the evening with Jo.. Made her mad a lil coz she drove so far.. but she turn happy in a while.
26 - Just came back from Pastor's open house..
27 - Maxis Planning lol =|

Absolutely tired, not productive at work... SIGH... All for God's glory

Joleen Singing Carol of the Bells

Isn't she just gorgeous? =)

Blessed Christmas Everyone.. Good Night


angeliCassie said...

oh man..i didn't know it was PN's open house...and i missed it!silly me =/

Kimberly said...

heh.. ur blog looks more interesting n attractive with all those banner..

i love it alot.. may b one day when u free.. design one for me.. ok?

n is also interesting to read ur blog..

anyway.. Happy New Year 2007.. send my regards to joleen.. miss u all..