is over! but we got so good that people wants more... its just like watching good shows in cinema and buying the DVD again and watch it over and over again.

It is rather stressful to be back stage people. I am sure we are having more stress than the actors themselves maybe they are nervous, but we are definatly STRESS to the max. What happen? the day itself, the decoration not fully up. Everything lying everywhere. and most of all TECHNICAL error.. the comp, projector, tv all having visual problem. we tried and spent like 2 hours fixing the error and Andrew's graphic card saved the day. That was probably the most stressful event that we had. When everything fails.

I was busy stressing out with that while I am also Worship Leading but everyone is like so disorientated and can't concentrate that the practice wasn't good. I was very discourage with it that I felt so lousy... but in the end, I just remember what Chris Tomlin said... we must be able to worship God even when things are bad. and The worship turn out to be not that bad.

Alright the play... with much practice, they finally did it and they nailed it. That always happens when it comes to the actual thing you'll just do with all your best. Hope that the next one will be same/better. This play has really improved everyone coordination, technology skills and also time management (I hope). It has caused me to stress over the audio, and also the video. I haven't slept well for the past few days and I think I am still stressing out with that.

Whatever for? Joleen came and she said that it was very well done. My boss and his wife also came and this is probably the 1st time they been to a protestant (revival) church and they were blessed I believe. They enjoyed themselves with the play and my singing hahaha. oh well. I know everyone did well and even if I can't see a thing, I know by hearing the laughter of the people. Especially the comfort and joy song. That's what I like the most.

CODE RED CODE RED =) this is one of the things that I have done a lot backstage, and it is not easy to be backstager definitely. Good Job everyone. Glad a lot turn out and visitors haha good job good job...

Alright.. on to the next service =)

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joleen said...

yea good dancers LOL XD... beh tahan When JOe come out