The year that was...

Indeed it has been an interesting year 2006... It is one of the great years that I ever had. Been through good and bad, up and down anywhere else. But this is definitely one good year. Let's go through the GOOD, BAD, UGLY (hopefully stop at the good). Let's thank God for it.


1) Graduation
Finally all the hard work, lack of sleep, brain cracking and drying, fear of presentation every week with concept crapping, living in cyberjaya the "ict hub of asia" I finally graduated as a Graphic Designer majoring in multimedia.. with a not so grand celebration and ceremony.

2) Church activities.
Really had a lot to do, work work and work. The most memorable one is probably fund raising to hillsong conference. Never forget that man. WORK for it. washed numerous cars, paint a few layers of paint, Peel eggs for makanlah. Sell t-shirt, and a lot of stuff. Want to take this time and opp to thank those that worked hard for it too. They don't really benefit from this fund raising, but they worked really hard for us to send us to hillsong. We will do another one for you guys to go hillsong, no worries. =) The other big project is CODE RED. Which I think we have done exceedingly well and it is well received. AMEN.

3) Invitation
Talking about code red, I am glad to have invited non-christian (Me Boss) to church as well for the play, I know something that I did not do for a long time, I mean keep gotten turn downs ain't fun as well, but yea it is good.

4) Traveling
whoa... part of my dream of travelling came through went we went hillsong. It is flying to Australia. crazy the most I went is to Singapore. Can you believe that? It is a good experience, good culture to get exposed to, very clean country, I Love the Cold and Chillness there seriously miss that place and the environment. More than hillsong conference itself... er ok. Getting a picture with Marty Samson is probably the greatest achievement I get from the conference. (That'll be very sad)

5) Concerts
How can you forget concerts like d: and united? had the d:boys (Delirious?) playing for us in February and probably the best concert I've ever seen. The best band that I ever hear live, and of course the 1st international band that I am exposed to which also got me into delirious fever. Thinking back I did doubt whether should I waste my time and go.. but DUDE... those that did not go, TOO BAD. United came and play as well, and you'll probably know by now that I was at the urinal standing beside Joel Houston.

6) Getting Hired
I am currently working in Altruism. Weird name but quite powerful meaning, you can check it out yourself. Our website is and recently just a few days ago, I have been confirm as full time worker with a little incentive which I have no idea how much as yet, but we have to trust God for that =)

7) Celebrate one year of attachment
Now it is 2005's testimony that I got together, But I have also gone through one year with her, thanking God for her and her commitment as well, really the best gift from God to me is Joleen. With her around things are not the same, and she do help me to be a better person and leader, with better attitude and character, and everything in life is just different. Thank God for you Joleen (If you reading this, just know that I will always love and treasure you not only as my girlfriend but as best friend as well). Just pray that we'll continue to be strong in relationship and in God

8) Seeing Christine worship lead
Well I would say that what I have dreamt have also come to past this year when Christine worship lead. Not any service, but youth sunday service. Cos I always know that she has the heart of worship and that's what's the most important, and I always know that she'll be the one. And she do have the anointing in leading and she will always have it. (If you're reading this Christine... CULTIVATE AND KEEP THAT ANOINTING). Proud of you

9) Having a better relationship
With a lot of people, through different different opportunity. Mostly is mending relationship from the rotten relationship became good, people and good friends like Weeling, Juping, Johanan and of course Debbie which on one stage were like outcast from the youth been through a lot argument and fights, But in the end, we are back together and they are serving the Lord again, and one became my assistant as well Lol. On top of that I did have a better relationship all around, not just the inner circle and that is what I need to have at this moment.

The Bad

1) Pn resignation
Though it is not fully bad, But I have more responsibility in the group now, and this church will never be the same without him around. Alot of hands on things will have to be from us and it will be quite hard to see the result but we will soon find out..

2) Crashed my car
Well I crashed my car after few years of clean record.. din cause much damaged though

alright that's it for 2006.. 2007 resolution coming soon (I HOPE) hehe

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