And the Gifts......

NO banner this time, Forgot to take photos... So how was the Christmas Party? I think that venue is definitely a challenge already, No house can host us anymore, Besides Nat's House of course. Other houses just too small to play anything and organise anything.

For me this year, It was okey~ The games are fun but again tough to organise course everyone is like so noisy and so hyped up and too far spread across the room, Its hard to do anything. The food this year was quite last minute, but most of it are taken up. pretty alright for a dinner I would say, Its youth you're talking about.. they eat almost anything. I manage to rush to pizza shop even if it was kinda last minute.. =)

Ah gifts exchange. Well I must say, Dirty Santa is more like a better game, but we have been playing that for years so they changed a bit, they played truth and dare... haha.. Well the presents again year after year you see the normal stuff like cups, decorations, christmas candles... Some I know are bought by parents... which I know. I am not offending people (if your gifts are bought by parents) But they are not your gifts. They're your parent's gift. Which part of the gift comes from you? every year also got parents buy for their children or just use recycled presents... LoL

And while some of them went to take the trouble to go shop for gifts. Well I know this year there are a few of them. I did my shopping like twice. Can't manage to find the cd I wanted. But that's because I know that I not giving everyone presents this Christmas, so I don't mind spending a little more on presents for gifts exchange. And while some sowed a RM10 present, they Reap a RM50 present... Is that... Nice?

My gift wrapping is horrible this year.. But I did it intentionally. While I know big boxes and nice wrappers get taken up fairly fast, We can really see how human would react to gifts. I like the fact that no one take my horrible looking present. while I know beneath it lies a pot of gold. Isn't that how we look at spiritual things? that sometimes the best thing God gives might not LOOK good on the surface... but it is really not that bad. I am not boasting about the expansive gift I have given... but it was an interesting night for me...

Whoever took my CD.. God bless you.. I WANT IT BACK T.T Its Chris Tomlin man.... and a special edition disc T.T haha just kidding.. Not really a big fan of his, though his songs are really rocking and crazy... Not to mention that he wrote HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD... which was an anthem in HPA.. and HILLSONG.. DELIRIOUS? sang them... its not like they would simply sing other people's song... crazy!


Blessed Christmas All

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angeliCassie said...

haha...well,my number was 32...and all the ones that i was eye-ing for got taken up...and the cd is with jason