For some reason, I have been thinking about this word since last year, but it got intensed this year... A passion to play instruments, to improve. Oh another boring topic? You bet, I have been getting the youth worship team the juniour team to improve for ages, they don't seems to want to. They have no urge to learn, I am almsot giving up.

I did everything actually, I went and look for concerts, and already put up the whole layout infront of them, but no takers, well there are a few, but it is as though I force them to go for concert. Haha. of course WHO the heck is SONICFLOOD right? but when you talk about Rain.. ah everyone talks about rain. how cute stuff like that. Yea yea Christian artist can never be as big as secular ones because of this.

Then I begin to analyse, why is there such a big gap between the older musicians and the younger ones? Then I asked around as I always talks about it, a lot of them said. John, that's because we were forced to be good, there is no one last time to play, and the younger ones always have a safety net around. Well, I havent talk to any of the younger ones, but I can see only 10% of them really practice, but not sure how much.

It is sad, because I have push all I can for I can't remember how long, and I have seen that this is the problem of many churches. Of course they don't listen enough to other bands, (except rain of course) and it is just so much different generation. Once a while you see really enthusiastic person comes along and they'll make it I hope most are that way, although I can only hope.
Today is rather intresting, Of course they all went down while I locked the door as always, And while I entered the lift, The lift went up, It open at 7th floor... as it opened, I saw 3 high school boys with chord sheet all over the floor as they practice their guitar after service... somehow for a split second It just reminds me of the students I had and how eager they are to learn, Well I hope things won't change for that 3 boys...

That followed by the thoughts of how when I first suceeded in learning drums. After a long failures of learning to play drums, One night I just say. OK is either I MAKE IT or I don't play anymore, and erm true enuff, I played with chopsticks hitting on my table till I can play and differs from the different limbs. and thus I started that and started playing the guitar, and electric and now I just want to get better, Coz I am not good enough! URGH

To all the young musicians and new ones, I know you have passion in playing, But to me that passion is not strong enough, have a stronger passion, I used to walk around my house and my guitar goes with me wherever I go... determination to succeed to play better. That's all I can say... U are very much previlledge to be in the worship team, many much more talented musicians than you and me cant get into the worship team. Use what you have before God gives it to someone else.


angeliCassie said...

hmmm...if only i could carry my piano with me wherever i go...yes bro john,would take your advice on this.

Anonymous said...

hmmmmmm.. SORRY.. I know you meant who.. Myself.. The lousy student that failed you so many times.. PaSSION is the word.