Codes... That's what I look at the computer screen for the past 2 days. I end up getting dizzy and headache by the end of the day because a lot of them don't work and I have to slowly find the cause and fix it. I am learning CSS now and CSS is quite messy not as rigid as Table which is bad because it is kinda like free flow. To make the matter worst, when my boss touches the mouse and keyboard he move so fast that makes me tired more.

But I learn a lot being in this company, Well for the start, I was so desperate for job the last time that I just join any company that offer me job. What I am looking at was probably like a normal worker and just do what I'm asked to do. But God blessed me more than just being a mere designer. He put me into a place where I have to THINK about idea and design and that slowly moving into web developer.. man that means, more codes, more branding more everything... I am generally lazy, but now I can't hahaha...

They are really hardworking in office, maybe because everyone lacks of money haha. I hope I am a boss one day. But don't know what business to venture into.

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On the other hand, I have added a few more blog links today, That include Steph & Felicia Wee's blog, Deborah Gan's Blog and also Joleen finally switch from friendster to blogspot... Way to go!!! so check them out

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They say life is full of ups and downs... but it looked like it is full of down and down hahaha. It is quite a down period of time. Never one time did I liked the song 'Every Little Thing' sang by Delirious?

It is one of their favourite song and many fan's favourite song, I dislike that song, but now I looked at it in a whole new perspective, will I gain, after what I lost, will I keep losing it? but things is going to turn out to be good. After all it is God who will carry you..

Every Little Thing

Everything must change
There’s a mirror showing me the ugly truth
These bones they ache with holy fire
But I’ve got nothing to give, just a life to live
If your world is without colour
I will carry you, if you carry me

Every little thing’s gonna be alright
Every little thing’s gonna be alright [x2]

There’s no-one else to blame
I live my life between the fire and the flame
I’ve built my house where the ocean meets the land
It’s time to live again, pull my dreams out of the sand
Let your world be full of colour
I will carry you, if you carry me

When it’s all falling down on you
You’re crying out but you’re breaking in two
When it’s all crashing down on you
When there’s nothing you can do
There is someone who can carry you

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