What's the purpose?

This generation there is no such thing as living in privacy any longer, The world is connected, The world is not safe anymore. In the reason WWDC07 Keynote, Steve Jobs present a couple of features that are in the latest and greatest OS X Leopard. Some features really suggest that the world is no longer safe, For example, In this function where you can sync your home MAC to any other MAC across the globe using .mac It is simple, It sends your ip from your home PC to a server in MAC and you download it from the other end. See? MAC does get to see your stuff.

In the most reason entry, Wee Ling wrote about blogging personal life and she's not too comfortable with it. But she did bring up if one day she loses her memory, will the blog truly shows who she is? or will it shows another person?

Another blog was locked. For the same reason why bloggers want theirs to be locked. It is private, Not to expose too much to strangers, or acquaintance. But only closer friends able to read thoughts. So what is blogging? What's the purpose? I don't know I never will know why I blog. It use to be my ranting place. I can rant and rant about my life and daily stupid activities, But I changed knowing we're all creating chain reaction. So I blog nonsense, Youtube. rubbish, truth.

I guess the main purpose is I hope my blog can help impact someone else. Are you feeling, so sometimes this might goes a different direction at times... Clueless

And oh btw, I would like to have a Machintosh... With Leopard on it... Can I?

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Rei said...

knsz you for taking me off ur list, hmmphz!!