Christmas Came Early

Well, I had a boring unproductive day today... So much for procrastination can't help it, That time of the month... Haha and a trip to the othodentist brought me some non-good news "Come back in another 3 weeks" as usual. But as a sign of hope he took out 2 back metal brackets and insist that I can't keep em :(

That's okay, spent over 30 minutes at the car wash and came home tired, What you'd expect. Long day of work (right) Well anyway I saw a parcel on my desk and can't help but wonder what it is. Well well? Ah that reminds me that I have to send a copy of the DVD to my friend in the states. Like my title says, Christmas came early this year, It is


okok I know I know you're gonna fry me for this, but he sent it over and insist that I shouldn't pay for a penny of it. GEE man, I don't know how to accept this, plus I don't know him that well. Of course he is kinda good friend with my girlfriend, but still hmm

Thanks PETER! you're a blessing in the Kingdom of God!!

Edit : Oh I bought Live and in the can! I'll save the satellite CD for next month as I don't have to pay for Church camp next month, but then again I am dry =( plus plus I want a camera... hmm as you can see the Motorola camera is not even as good as Christine's or Eva's 850i SO I WANT 30 megapixel camera to beat them. (okok i'll go to bed now)

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