Random, Random

There's no specific topic that I want to blog about today. So its gonna be random

To start it off, I totally misses Joleen and she's coming back this Monday. Though I might have to give up more freedom time after Sunday, It is still better that she's back

I've been working quite hard and late these few days at home and in office. In office more actually been staying late till 11 - 12 at night just to rush a few things, but the progress is very slow. I don't have motivation to work anymore. It is like I don't take pride in this work. So odd. That's because I haven't been working with this kind of project since college, and this time it is kinda like harder. I need a break.

I got a new car player, Thanks to Jeff for his generosity that he sells me at a cheap price. Nope, it is not a gadget that I'll hug it to sleep, It is just a gadget that you'll love to have but you don't really need it kind. The reason I got it is simple. I need an "AUX" function where I can plug in my iPod and play through my car stereo. It has a USB function as well. So songs on the thumb drive could be read as well.

The sound quality is there la. I always thought it is stupid to get a higher end player for car. Coz how good can it be? BUT BUT BUT the sound is really superb. I can hear the difference clearly. Even FM radio sounds good. THAT good. Probably I'll save songs in few format and compare it for you =)

I finally got 2 fish. After a week of having a small tank beside my office desk, I went and bought 2 small fish, Mr Puffer (Pics later) and Mr. John! Mr.Puffer is a puffer fish, about 1-2 cm long and that's about it they won't grow any larger. Cute? yea only to find out they eat live animals, if there's nothing to nibble on, they'll eat off the fins of other fish (wrong choice?) Mr. John I don't know what fish is he, but because of its character, I'll just name him after me. Why? he doesn't swim much. Just lie on the bed of the tank and stay put there, once a while he'll swim and then rest again. Sounds like me?

Alright la I got to run to get some things done and go CHURCH WOOO HOO

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