Help! Singapore just toook the last land of Malaysia

Sometimes country affairs trigger my action to blog. Today is such day. I have been asked a few days ago, if Malaysia is at war, do we have enough army? I replied "We got lots of NS though!"

Today, I picked up the main paper of Star, I usually just screen through news, I hate politics and parliament, I think those are jokes. But the headlines was "LESS PHYSICAL (NS dept makes changes to training modules") What a move WAY TO GO DUDES.

Some pointers:

No more jungle trekking
Really? You think singapore Soldiers will come in using causeway to fight you ah?

Survival training or day navigation to be conducted under supervision in less dense areas;
Really? You think during war the best way to get supplies is by going to nearest fast food stores?

Marching drills or water related activities to be held before 9.30am and after 3.30pm
Iyoh kena pergi battle ke sarjan? Panas la ni. Tak tahan nanti pengsang oh.

Unarmed combat practice to be conducted in shaded area if whether is too hot
oh chop chop (telling a Singaporean army) "sorry ar, I don't carry weapon, can fight 1 on 1 or not? we settle this like MAN ... wait wait wait wait, can fight somewhere cooling ar? got air-cond betta..

Female trainees can choose NOT to take part in certain obstacle course activities
Er you tak mau ambil course ni ke? okla bila kita battle, you boleh tolong siap kan nasi lemak, semua jenis roti, ah bihoon goreng pun sedap, kalau tak leh, pergi tolong bungkus ramli burger. ah. can or not?

Weeker trainees to be given lighter exercises
Like instead of climbing stairs they take lift, instead of sit ups they do sit sit, "Sarjan, I don't feel very well la Sarjan, can I don't attend that? usually ni I punya sleep time."

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