Today is the day of missing. I am missing a lot things in life, starting with "the good ol' days" (I know I know, move forward right?) where life is pretty simple:
  • weekdays were wracked when we sleep in school,
  • skipped class for QM, or some other duties,
  • starring at a blank sheet of exam paper.
  • Trying hard to save my pathetic small little pocket money and then spend it on slurpeee before afternoon class starts from the nearby 7-11.
  • Walk people back from school which is pretty far away
  • Somedays I would cycle to school (from my current house),
  • Liking 2 girls at the same time (pfft)
  • Liking the same girl as my friend did but gave it up to him which he totally ruin it; and I never like any girl since then before Jo.
  • Church is fun, church is never draggy, full of activity, involved in almost everyone of them
  • I don't have to worry what future lies in for me
Things getting complicated as we grow older

Then it is time to miss my girlfriend now. She's gone for almost half a month by now, it is true that sometimes we don't know how to treasure things when they are here. We only treasure things when they are gone. Sometimes that means it is too late... thankfully she's only gone temporarily. Hope she is well and comes back safely.

But the same is not with the youth without Pastor Nirhal, things are definately different, again we only value people only once they are gone, and by then some might say it is a little too late by then. Let's not make it a habit to only treasure the things we don't see, we got to treasure every help there is every individual is a gift from God, every one that's been around you, on your toes are also gift from God.

And I also miss the holidays I had since I am now back to work and you people still have holidays I need more holidays, I need time off to get things done, but do I get them? I hope so. I really do. It is call missing camp syndrome it is normal for me and takes a week to recover from it

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Anonymous said...

amen to the above la brother..