Rabbi, I got a question!

My job stuff is piling up. But I am all the more not in the mood to work. I just got back relaxing and as I pass the Toll, my stress seems increasing as I neared the office. As if the stress is not enough before, during and post breakfast.

Every camp I seemed to stepped on someone's toe before I left for home. Is it necessary? I don't know. Beneficial? I can't tell. But all I know is I got to do what I got to do. When your kids sick what you do? Let them take care of themselves? assuming they don't know how.

Thank God I did not get into accident... Well I almost did. I was driving and was concentrating and meditating on all my thoughts and suddenly I saw the rear of the lorry seems to be closer so I Jammed my brake, the car skidded a little, but manage to slow down before I clash with that Lorry.

Studies says that a lot of road accidents started because of arguments, fights, a lot which arguments as early as 6 hours before. All these are emotions playing back. Now my thoughts are different. I did not argue I did not fight, but I did some reflection on the whole process of my head. I don't know how to put it in words

Oh now I am confused because I seemed like stepped on someone's toe but does seems to put it in a right way but at the end I don't really know anymore what sets black away from white, what I should do and what's my status really? a mere friend? a teacher? a leader? a donkey?

Joleen's mission trip thrown me into other stuff like this. To have more time in my ministry its time to fix things. But yet, am I doing the right thing? Do I really have the rights to do it? What am I doing really? Seriously. mmmm don't look at me, I am totally as confuse as you are reading this blog. Like I said, time for a change... to what? I don't know how to? I don't know. I am totally puzzled I need a longer vacation. Can I?

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angeliCassie said...

made me think abt my car crash and relect on it..and yup you're right..abt the emotions playback thingy..and bro john it's alright.you'll figure things out eventually.=)

trust the Lord and lean on Him,and if you think you don't have time to rest.think again."steal" time.and thinking makes it so.you can imagine that you're at the beach,by the seaside,when you're super stressed.it helps.

i think =p