Autobots? Decepticons?


As a Hardcore fan = absolutely hate it (3.5 out of 10)
As someone who don't even know optimus prime exist before this (9 out of 10)

Yes people, I am split, I am torn in between the 2 worlds. Thankfully I went there as though I don't know what transformers is. Of course I know who they are. right so let's get to my review.

What I like
The animation, period

What I don't like
1) Decepticons absolutely looked horrible, like monsters... This is a robot show Micheal, not a scary flick! look at the sharp robots. WHAT DUDE ? You flimming alien vs Predetorbots??

2) Fyi kids.. yes kids. decepticons are suppose to be all flying objects, plane etc... not tanks, police cars...

3) Prime look horrible with that HOT ROD truck of his.

4) Soundwave became frenzy? DUDE! and that is absolutely irritating robot

5) Starscream suppose to hates megatron

6) Bumblebee = volkswagen beetle. not chevy....

7) Allsparks? huh make more robtots?

8) The list can go on but no one will understand what I meant... they ruin my small kid's cartoon booohooo.... and the toy will change? booohooo

So the end of the day, watch it with an open heart, assume that they just adopt the name transformers, not following the cartoon period.

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