That's why we're still in the 3rd world

Why? This week I witness more than an account, even experiencing it myself of some of the attitude that our citizen is proposing that hey guys, let's stick as a 3rd world country. On most account I did something, though it is late, it is better than never. Sometimes I am guilty not doing anything, but I am learning to take action.

Scene 1 - McDonald Pyramid.

Middle Eastern lady bought 2 sets of BIG MAC only to realise that it is made of beef patties, of course she wanted to return in exchange of a burger. The cashier told her off rudely saying NO CHANGE... and also murmuring to another worker saying hey can't she see it is beef on the picture? and then after a minute, the customer left and approach another worker, she then get the same result, in a more polite way.

I so tempted to walk off the scene. But of course I stayed on only to pity the middle eastern. Looking at hindsight, I should have bought here 2 burgers instead. My point is. What kind of attitude is that? being so fierce and unfriendly to our fellow tourist, of course she might have bought the wrong burger, but can't you at least talk politely? What kind of impression are we leaving to tourist? contradicting to TV ads, and Gov't effort of the Visit Malaysia program. I would think trice next time if I were they.

I Sent an email later that night and complaint about her attitude to the person in charge of Pyramid branch. She just called me and ask for more detail this morning. I am glad they respond to things like that else I would cross them(Macks) off my list.

Scene 2 - TGV cinema Pyramid.

So I watched transformers right? In their newly constructed cinema, It was a nice comfortable cinema although I think they use old seats or what, But nontheless it is nice.

Ok so this isn't the 1st time things like that happen to me, have you encounter problems like this, the sound of the movie don't match, the screen was distorted, and for whatever reason the movie stopped playing? Yes, this time while it happen that half the screen went blurred. DUDE that's so obvious, So I approach the attendant after a while and yep he fixed it. GOOD.

My point is this... I am not bragging but when things like that happen, I often find that I am the only one to response. The rest of the cinema either they are blind or simply, I don't care la, someone will do it, just watch and see what happens. URGH! no wonder we never advance, it is because someone will advance for us, don't trouble me.

Here's the best part, 10 minutes to the ending of the show, yeap the beginning of the exciting part of the movie, the whole screen went absolutely blurred and heck I don't care, it ruin the show yes it does. and again they are blind wert so let's all suffer together. UH HUH. How you enjoy the ending?

AND! here's what I got to say as well. Many times that's what happen in church. "WHY DO YOU HAVE TO SERVE SO MUCH? OTHER PEOPLE WILL SERVE YOU JUST STAY HOME" familiar? 10 out of 10 parents would often response in that. And you as children 10 out of 10 respond, The church will never advance. YOU HEAR ME? we'll forever stuck in our own comfort little world where OTHERS will help us reach out to people

Scene 3 - Pyramid Carpark

Yes the bad day just have to end up in that. Now, before I start, I have to say it is absolutely my mistake and my only excuse is that I was horribly tired + stress.

I paid my ticket, but due to whatever that on my mind I couldn't rem, I forgot to take the ticket only to realise when I heading towards the exit. I went back but it was gone. I was furious at myself already. Ok so I need to get out. So I asked the guard at that time, they seems friendly. based on my previous experience, when in trouble they would most likely the friendliest to help you.

But turn out he was a conner, he told me that the parking was RM60 on weekend. I was like ??? ok nvm then he wait in the car he go talk to his friend in the carpark help desk. and soon return with the bad news 1st. He say his friend not there. Then he went again and this time return with a ticket. WOW RM30. I was like wahtever la I just want to get over my bad day. Turns out after a while I realise that he just ate my 10 bucks I was nearing the gate already and I didn't do much I went out.

I was wrecked. I send an email again to the GM of pyramid explaining the situation. I told him I wasn't asking for reimbursement but ask them take action. I hope that this helps, if I am in a better mood I would go there myself talk to the manager, but I can't remember his face URGH

Alright so that's the end of my story, I know looking at hindsight you can laugh and me, call me stupid, idiot or shake your head, but that's it I was tired and stress and angry at this country. In year 2020 you know what would happen? NOTHING!

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