Life is going downhill for me. what is life? what is happiness? what am I doing here? What am I? Maybe I should dig out my purpose driven life.

Ironically my little fish caught my attention now, The one I called John. Remember how I said he was pretty boring fish and always stay stagnant? apparently it is not so while I am writing this. It grew restless and kept finding for ways to escape out of the tank, banging at every corner. For a few minutes now.

I am probably in a situation like that, trying to break free but there isn't a hole for me to break free. I am stuck in a tank. Working either this or that. I got no life once I finish working because work awaits me at home. Magic Garage isn't all the while finish. It is probably going to be done. But yet.

I need to get out of here. Get a life. Do something, get a break. I haven't make up my mind yet. But I probably will. In office, I am beginning to catch up all the back logs and possibly over taking them. But, there is still jobs coming in. Which is a good thing I suppose. Work gets tougher. I becoming someone I do not want to be, someone I don't like to be...

don't like to be

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Joleen said...

GOd loves you, I love you, love yourself =)