Happily ever after?

This afternoon I got into a debate with Jo, saying out our preferences in drama series. While there is no doubt that English seriess always have the action and the big bang, the romantic stories you can only find in Asian movies.

She don't like Taiwan series... saying very fake.. while on the other hand, I quite like Taiwan dramas, they are like stories. As in fairy tale stories, almost like comic kind of stories and their actors are all like comical kinda actors. While it is less real, it is more fantasy like. And watching them almost seems like wow I want to be in their shoes. Although you can't, but you want to be. Just like how you would like to be Cinderella or Prince Charming when you're a kid.

After watching (esp you have the whole season) you feel really sad that it ended that fast (yet in the middle you can't wait to fast forward till the end) odd isn't it? But as usual they all end with happy endings =) I am glad there is a sequel to this show since I really liked the story and the actors and all. Then again, their sequel is never good. Hopefully this won't be the case.

Then again, you can't avoid cheesy story line in Asian drama like triangle love, the coincidence scene a) while you're talking another girl you accidentally trip and kissed her and opps there comes your girlfriend. or coincidence scene b) The infamous walk pass each other but so happen misses. you know the one open lift one closed lift kinda thing, then a sad song plays at the background. Haha oh well. I just wish my life can end like a fairy tale story,

Happily ever after

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joleen said...

eh.. haha i prefer to be realistic abit .. lol... really shock that u like it.. but is ok..