big Z syndrome

Drumming is like skateboarding. The tricks are really hard to accomplish, unbelievable practice sessions and yet still impossible to accomplish. Some are better at skating different tricks. Sure there is no physical involvement, not frontside boardslide kickflip out, or heelflip 360 or whatever else trick you could think of, but drumming is... the same.

Roll it uh huh and bang. Opps you missed it again John... LOSER! ah that kind of thing keeps coming up. I am bad enough on the board and it is the same with the drum. I know how big Z felt at this point of time. Go watch surf's up if you want to know what I meant.

All I can blame is I bought too many stuff and pay too many camps this month that I did not have any left for a new leather shoe. The current one has no grip, slippery inside and basically loose and torn. That's what I'll blame.

But today I got a little surprise. I got like parcel from the UK it is D: stuff of course. Wee Ling's dad went there and took it back. I mean so happen he was there. Great~~ Someone took the book though... Thanks friend!

If you reading this, Please sign up for camp... I need you to do it. Thanks

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