"You must finish your food! Do you know that the children in Bosnia have nothing to eat."
These are the familiar chorus being said over and over again to me when I was young, It is a tale probably told to many kids in many family. Being young and foolish, I simply chose to ignore those words.

Somehow when I grew up and in the recent years, I felt really compassionate towards food-less, shelter-less, kids. I begin to think to myself, why am I living all for myself? I hated education yet now I regret not using it fully.

I struggle actually to get this post posted. I am not bragging and not showing off. But this is an awareness that I think we as humans (what more as CHRISTIANS) should all work towards. In recent sermons that I've heard, I can't remember who exactly but it was said soemthing like this

"We call ourselves Christian, but why is Hollywood and Bono doing all they can to help the society?"
It is time for action! I recently participated in sponsoring a kid program from World Vision. I got a boy, his name is in the title of this post; his picture at the end of this post. It cost only Rm50 a month. Easily 5 less Macdonald's a month.

Alright so you don't really have that money to spend. Alright why not share with someone else? Share it with me, Then we can take action in sponsoring more kids ensuring they have a brighter future.

Here's a short writeup I've got about the area he lived in.

Your sponsored child lives in Nalaikh, Mongolia It has a population of 21,237. 40% of whom are Khazaks. Average income is Rm95 a month. Many people are chronically ill or disabled, and there are a number of unemployed widows with children

Another reason why I got was because of the book I have yet to finish (the one you can see now on the right - God's Gravity) It is about living Christian life, do your part in helping the society and yada yada yada. One sentence really struck me to the core of my bones. Because I am somewhat guilty of it. It is a chapter talking about selfishness being a rich Christian. The sentence goes like this.

"Rich Christians travel all around the world and always wants to be where laughter is"

To put it bluntly, Don't we always seek for revival in different places? Oh that church on fire let's go visit it. Oh this conference here cool. That cool. Not to say all is like that. But if you're whole purpose of being Christian is to seek where laughter is, aren't we missing the mark?


Nirhal said...
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Joleen said...

cute boy... lol congratulate u get a baby boy hehe

Anonymous said...

It is a thoughtful thing to do. However sometimes, we need not have to go so far just to help those who are unfortunate. What about people in Malaysia? Children in Malaysia? Helping the tsunami people? Helping the poor people that we ourselves know? or maybe it is just another way to praise ourselves, maybe we need to bear in mind that people around us are not as fortunate like you and me. If people near us, we could not help, whatever the world outside?