Losing the worship experience

Mouth full of gold? or is it's just pure laziness

When I worship lead, I always wonder. Would it be any difference if this whole church is a big RED BOX? Would the people sing if I start singing Teressa Teng's song? My answer always get answered every single time when MR.HT LONG came to our church. He is an all time Elvis impersonator. Every time he sings an Elvis song, People would groove sing along, clap scream shout.

It is not so from 10 am - 10.45 am isn't it? Not at all.

They would keep quiet, stare at the floor, stare at you and not going to sing. NO NO NO.

It is one of the few sundays where I do not want to lift up my head, do not want to open my eyes. The worst thing is when I tried to speak in tongues, encourage them to do so, only a few just murmuring, No one else does it. It is all quiet. The youths? well sad to say they aren't really doing it either.

We're turning into a non-speaking AG church. What? is that a new breed? new denomination? The fact is, we're losing power. How to grow? It is clearly something that need to be taught here.

Start OPEN your heavy mouth and sing.


Anonymous said...

thats right!-j.low

♥~kimmy~♥ said...

yeah.. blur team gooo.... the JY virus still spreading even though i'm not in msia.. haha..

Anonymous said...

the church seems to be singing when other adults lead worship.. maybe something to learn from them..