My Church

I know I sound bad by talking bad about my church, but I am not that kind of person. But I am saying ENOUGH! how long would you stand and fold your arms? how long would you look at nothingness?

There are zones in my church. And after a while it is very easy to tell. Which kinda look like this


angeliCassie said...

mayb we should disperse the "let's worship crowd" all over the areas.

and try to infect the rest to be worshipful as well?


Anonymous said...

maybe we should start worshiping in our own corner's 1st then only talk about infecting.

eh john you for got to count all the p.a. ppl standing at the wall ah? lol

Anonymous said...

My gosh. Isn't this abit judgemental? Let God judge, not us.

As long as continue doing our part, worshiping in spirit and in truth.

Anonymous said...

My 2 sen worth, as an outsider:

Light needs to shine in a dark world. The darker the world, the greater the need. But it does get kinda tiring... "why can't they get their own light? / why should i keep shining? / how come some are and some aren't shining?"

Well, honestly, there's no answer except this - let's just do what we're supposed to. And keep on doing it. And keep on. And ask God - HELP me do what You asked me to do.

Ok, sorry, that was like 1 sen worth. That's all I got ;)

Anonymous said...

How do you know all that? you analyzed during worship?