Be Content.

I think I have a thing for simple kids. I just love their smile, simplicity of life without worries. Again this 3rd header just speaks of contentment. I mean that's a drain! not to mention they have cleaner water there but still..

I will try to scan a better picture and improve the quality of the image and I will try to post non kids in bali picture. But I think taking people with expression on faces are worthless. They bring life to picture. Other's just don't quite do it.

Sometimes we (or me) get caught up on getting techy stuff, crazy gadgets, Kids wants this and that for Christmas. Never satisfied with life. But pictures like this always bring me back to ground and be contented with what I have and make do of them.

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Well thanks for the reply on my previous entry. Looks like it has spur some support and the other. Well I am not really being on the judgmental side. People need to learn. And of course just because they don't worship doesn't me I won't. It is just hard when all around you are discouragement. Nevertheless it is only harder.

Well the book of the prophets did not sit still waiting and just worshiping God and disregard the rest. They of course spoke on behalf on God rebuking every evil hearted, wicked Israel. We too have a job to do. we much march we onwards to stir up the worshipful spirit in the church


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