Call of Duty

As much as I dislike dogs, they thought me something. A character so hard to find in us humans.

Call of Duty

During the stay in the youth retreat, there is no choice but to live with 8 Adult dogs and 11 puppies. But one dog truly stand out from the rest - Snowbell. A mother of 6 puppies. The Pups were probably 6-7 weeks old.

Because our tour guide for the night jungle trek was injured that very afternoon, We have to go into the jungle ourselves. And I was the leader of my group member, we were the 1st team to get into that forest.

As soon as I stepped towards the starting of the trek, Snowbell dashed ahead of us into that dark forest, I was wondering what she's up to. Was she going back to her home? As soon as my thoughts finished, the 2 puppies screamed and dash towards their mother. Crying in fear. But Snowbell did not stop. She merely pause only to wait for us to catch up. After a while I shouted at her. Snowbell GO BACK. She stood still there. Fortunately her story ends here. She later retrieved her 2 puppies and went back only when another dog replaced her position as the scout and guardian.

Such simple and short moment from which the dog showed us. They have a higher call of duty to above all else to serve humans as whatever position they are put into. To the extend of leaving their young pups. Mind you they are only 6-7 weeks old the most.

What about us? Are we sometimes too comfortably sitting in our home and family? (nothing wrong with that btw) But when the time comes when a higher Duty Call from heaven comes, do we compromise in to our family's disapprovements? complaints? dissatisfactions? or Do we say "Let's get it going"? Give it a thought. What would you do?

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