Mixed Feeling.

Hmm. Recently I have been around with a lot of animals, all sorts. From smart ones to water ones to crazy ones. It has just proved one point - that we humans are truly made unique by God. No other animals can compare (duh)

Recently I have been mixing a lot with my colleague's pet. Luby Chan (no no not Jap pronounce rather follow the sir name of my colleague). Well she is quite a loner and really have a lil withdrawal symptom. But nevertheless, I have mad friend with her. She would dance around when I walk into office. (aww)

Well here's LUBY

More recently I had decided to give Joleen some nice birthday present. So I got her hamsters! of course with the rest of the stuffs. Well sad to say one of the hamster escaped. How? I don't know. But they are pretty crazy who can bend their body like anything.

But more recently I really pity the animals it is like they're caged up for their entire life. Imagine being born in a cage. And that's about it. But on the other hand I have this feeling they are really fragile foe. Because they are breed. They don't know survival skills much. It is better here than the world. So which feeling am I to follow? I don't know.

Like the lost hamster. I gaved up hope but yesterday I saw a glimpse of it. It was too fast for my hands to react. But it was alive after more than 24 hours of in the world. I felt like the father of the prodigal son for a while (Well they don't come cheap). But since then I did not see any of it. But why? they are rodents (rats) anyway. Who cares if they survived?

Yes they might be rodents but they one one heck cute rodent. I bought dwarfs. They are cuter than the normal hamsters. Well here it is. This one is named Ratster (I was having delima of whether should I call it what-a-ster just like my facebook pets). Skip if you think you cant resist the cuteness.

This is his bungalow from the future. The Blue thing is the water. The rest of the design was inspired by Angkasawan's helmet.

I just changed his bed. So he is not quite sure where he is now. Don't think he likes it. He got to pee all over again. (opps sorry)

At least he is still active running as usual. No Nike Shoes though

Probably why I still like hamsters while they are still rats. KAWAIIIIIII~~


Rei said...

rats will always be rats (-.- ;)

Ry said...

John, is the mating season for dogs you know. =)

Ry said...

they all tend to do some funny stuff at this season. lol

joleen said...

eh, the hamster does not belong to me :(

Christineee said...

Those hamsters are cutie..

~*wChing said...
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~*wChing said...

Hmm... I like the bungalow rather than the rats.Haha~