Being 23rd

Ah. it is that time of the year where you deny your age. NO. This year has been the quietest ever birthday. I plan to have it that way. Don't ask me why.

The day started with I dunno when my birthday really start. Maybe it started when Joleen gave me my birthday gift. I knew the guys are coming over. In fact I got used to them coming over that I actually sticked a paper on my gate written "Thankx" turns out they weren't coming to surprise but come here party. Not bad for a party. They gave me 5 hotwheels. Not bad. limited hard to find stuffs.

After that, they went away and it is quiet again. I kept level my pets in facebook for that night. Since it was a special meeting over a new renovated sanctuary, that helps by getting much attention off me. Love it actually. But still the closer ones of course they remembered.

Nothing much happened on my birthday. Joleen fell ill coz of food poisoning, the service ended super late, by the time we're done lunch it is already 3+ so I stayed home, Jo came over and watched a few jap drama. And me family were off to SHOGUN for sushi. BOY. I stuffed all I can. But some people don't really know how to Jap buffet. They were taking mushroom soup. Boy in no time they'll be stuffed. Haha.

After that I came home and just stoned through the night. And yeah! that's my birthday. Nothing much happen eh? Didn't even had a cake. HEHE.

And I shall sign off with this 2 pictures I took from the circus. No Comments.

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