These days I am very occupied with the stuffs that I do. Clients at work place kept pouring in. Job piling up. Doing freelance is a challenge for me. And yes I am doing a freelance for a friend. And I started coming up with weird ideas and started coding myself. And I don't want to just random post or just daily musing = no post.

Many have been in my position for the past one month. Fatherless. It is still an phenomena to me. My dad did 'disappear' like that before once when I was small. He went to the states for some training. I was young and therefore don't really know much. Time has change and now I have grown. This time my dad went for holiday in Canada for almost 25 days.

How this is different was that I have to do most of the house chores since my mom is busy working hard out there and my bro just parasites at home. The amount of stuff to do is really mind boggling. And it is tougher now because I have to remember so many things (though it is not really a lot) And I finally thank God all these will probably end soon. And I'd learn something.

See for those of you who aren't familiar with my family is that my dad usually stays at home and do all the chores. In a sense he has become the housewife. Because of his job profession as a itenary(freelance) Pastor. He has got a lot of free time on his weekdays. Way to go DAD.

And my sincere apology if I haven't come to your blog. I promise I'll drop by soon. Well after I finish the websites and my own ideas that is :)

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