Plastic People

"The performance is convincing
And we know every line by heart
Only when no one is watching
Can we really fall apart"
This was written by casting crown. One of the few band which I had hard time listening to because it is just true to deny. But the question remains (after long reminders) Are we doing church? What is church? What are Christians? Sometimes it feels as if the non-believers have better character than church. Can we tolerate that?

Who are we fooling? where's the genuine character of Christian gone to? We are sometimes too caught up with getting the church beautiful, doing this perfectly well. These chairs have to be comfortable. We need this, we need that. It is as if we're faking it all too well, when met with new visitors we give them coffee and cake. After that is another story.

An analyze of the bible shows that church sometimes is that way too. People comparing who can speak in tongues the loudest. Who can perform miracles who can't. But Apostle Paul always put things back into perspectives by following CHRIST. Enough of felony. If things aren't well, don't pretend nothings happened. Be real.

Recently I walked into a Christian bookstore and look at some book. They have interesting titles. But one book caught my attention. 10 lies that the church tells the woman. I am sure you seen similar books like this. To me it is really a conflict. Think about it. if your friend got saved 2 hours ago, would you give this book? "Hey it is great you got save. I really think you should read this to avoid being tell a lie" Books like this should never exist. They exist because maybe it is a real situation. And if it is, It is really sad. What we have become?

A recent podcast hears Tim Hughes being interviewed about worship of course. and one remark is made was important to recognize. He says sure we have better equipments and things like that, the musician is very skillful and professional. But he is afraid that the element of being led by the spirit is dying off. Going place never gone before.

So are we challenging our own and keep our faith intact, our vision clear or are we becoming legos?

Are we happy plastic people
Under shiny plastic steeples
With walls around our weakness
And smiles to hide our pain


Rei said...

at 1st i tot u were gonna write abt plastic surgery (-.- ;)

Joleen said...

haha neither me

angeliCassie said...

haha i've been singing that song to myself two days ago..

and i got such book from my granduncle..he gave me one..can't remember the title..but the concept is the one you mentioned..and i loan it to deborah..