The Apartment

The Apartment is the 9th restaurant I went to in the Curve. I am not rich. Just that every celebration we eat something nice. This time however it was here decision because its her treat. It's a Christmas Meal.

So I get a chance to stress test my camera. I know I know. Compact camera is bad. What more cybershot right? WRONG! I did some pretty nice shots. Of course I am trying to make it into a pro-camera, by being a pro rather than letting camera to be the pro. Anyway, here are the photos.

Just loving the lights

I think that's pretty original, but it is cheapo.

That's our appetizer

Her meal

My meal

She thinks I haven't had enough so this was the last course

We went for movie after the meal and we watched He is Legend and to be honest, Watch it. But be prepared to feel all lonely after the movie. It is saddening. I think it is the saddest after Pursuit of Hapyness

Anyway, one for the album!

There all done by John's little green the cheap lousy cybershot toy compact camera

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fangz said...

i think it looks 10000000x times better than ur previous ones so bear with it, until u get married mwahahhaa