Totally Insanely Sick

I haven't felt so sick before as long as I could remember. It was crazy, constant fever, bad throat, flu all over my body, body ache, nausea, bloated stomach and cough. Today I was better. But yesterday was crazy. I can barely lift myself up, barely can walk.

I slept through the day. The entire day was just like sleep, wake, sleep, wake, sleep, wake.

I decided not to go work today. I still have a bit of nausea and of course I am totally weak right now. I don't even know what sick I got now. Flu? I can't really feel my body. My stomach wants to eat but my throat says no. I hope I will feel better tomorrow for the party. Which I have not shopped for the presents nor have I do anything about my outfit yet.

oh Gosh. help.

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Avra said...

sick before christmas?? NOOO!! get well soon yuehan!!