A fearful review... of my resolution

Alright so. This was my resolution for year 2007 and let's see what I have accomplish. This is gonna be painful as I am not that good in keeping resolution. So I guess that would be carry forward to next year. Let's go one by one.

I wonder why I set something so hard sometimes. But we always need something to push us forward and make ourselves ashame of ourselves.

Physical Resolution

1. Memorise all the notes on the guitar, Memorise all the Scale Pattern.
- NOPE... Not at all

2. Buy a Acoustic Guitar (hopefully takamine E series).
- NOPE... Joleen got one yamaha guitar for me instead.

3. Save up (at least) Rm2000 by end of this year.
- Just rm900 short from this. I went and bought too many stuff.. must try harder

4. Maintain this weight and build my abs
- I've grown fatter I think

5. Do more sports
- More compare to last year and I picked up frisbee so I've accomplish

6. Improve design skills, programming skills
- Definitely.. I have become better in this

7. Work with more passion
- Yea I sure do now. In fact I've over work till I turned workoholic

Spiritual Resolution

1. Finish the bible again
-Nope.. Just a bit

2. Pray more


3. Speak in tongues at least 15 minutes a day

4. Share the gospel
- Yes

5. Never forsake God,
- 60% of the time

6. Never ever once not prepared for worship and ministry
- Nope

7. Do Devotion Daily
- Sadly I slacked a few times

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ewwp said...

just want to say to press on your 08 resolution. I am also one of those who don't follow resolution. We are in this together.