Give your son. NOT MUGS

Ah. Thankfully I have recover much from the fever attack, and lost much energy for Christmas. To start off, this Christmas is really in a bad position of the week. And everything is so rushy. I had a short and brief talk with a Pastor N about thoughtless gift today. Is yours thoughtless?

Much as we liked to give gifts, we must remember why we do that. It is a symbol of God giving Jesus to you. His 'precious' very precious Son. And here we are shopping out of convenience, reaching for the racks of mugs.

I'd rather not have a present then of mugs or any of this convenient gifts. This year's gift exchange was indeed a lil better with more soft toys around. Yet in the midst of all that you'll find photo-frames, cheap toys, Christmas ornaments and a hair gel. Nice? NO. thoughtless? YES.

My gift I brought this year wasn't really excellent compare to what I usually give. I figure if they want to give useless stuff why should I overly spend? I should save it for someone who perhaps needs it... Yet with that I still give much thoughts about it. I say this not to brag, but I hope this goes out to you that you could pick up some stuff.

The fact I only ate few bites the days when I was bed-ridden I find myself pretty out of breath while shopping. I went round and round and decided I should stop somewhere. I ended up buying something that is both cute, branded and useful. I hope that gift is useful somehow.

Truth is, if you don't know what what to give, don't give. Honestly I dunno where I put some of the gifts. Most likely they are collecting dust in my messy room. If that's not shocking to you, I've actually have gifts that aren't open last year. perfect wrapped condition that I could use it to give out. Guess what are they? yeap. MUGS.

Stop mugging Christmas.

Blessed Christmas all

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Anonymous said...

not everyone has yr capacity to give great stuff,. some just give out thier ability. prob you shuold take the effort to open the gifts in the 1st place, someone took the time to buy the gift..and mugs are useful.