A different turn

Today saw a different turn in service. As stated in my previous post, I am sick and tired of coming to church with superficial attitude. Like coming in all pretend that we're alright. Maybe some are alright, but think hard and long what's the meaning of church.

Today we throw everything away. At the last minute (3 oclock) we threw it away and see where it leads us. I had this plan and idea since Friday to just get real and worship God with just voices and acoustic. I KIV as I felt it was too last minute to tell them. But I guess it is really God who plan all these. We started by Toefl asking everyone what do we expect coming?

Everyone gave their view but generally none gave solid answer because no one expect anything. So we started with worship songs and acoustic and everyone is geared in. We had altar calls and really prayed for one another which something that we ought to be doing. God was among us as we unite our hearts and cry out desperately.

After which we split into group and the college group shared a bit of their experience and we ended up worship with 2 more songs and a couple of prayer. All in all we broke the familiarities that we have been dragging to just fill in the 3 hour gap on a Saturday afternoon. We're charged and ready for another level of development!

At least I felt recharged and hyped up.!

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Joleen said...

thats really great :)

just remind me the song of

"heart of worship"