Shocking sad sad e-News

As I opened my email, I saw something that was so shocking, the news that had more impact than 9/11 to me... This is a very long e-newsletter and this is the main highlight:

"I will no longer be the drummer who has seen so many things and loved every minute of life within Delirious?"

That's right, Stew Smith is quitting the band.

WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHY?????? They have been magical band, the dream team of football or NBA and now they lost a great drummer. Well on the bright side, it has been a long time they're a band so long that I couldn't even remember when they started.

In the newsletter, Stew said that he is going to venture into creative arts again. Having touring with the band puts a lot stress in his family and he wants to settle down with his family. Well, I would say its not a bad thing since he is also really good in designing (All the previous album design all done by him as art director) It is definitely a good thing.

And to say quit is not an easy task I guess... good guts! And definitely echoes on their coming album "KINGDOM of COMFORT"

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