Switchfoot live in KL

Finally got a bit mood after a long tiring weekend of activities to edit and upload the concert pictures. Well I am going to do it in parts as I find smashpop concept pretty chun HEHE. Anyway cut to the chase!

How was switchfoot? AWESOME! Now I left church fairly early, caught in jam, almost went to accident because proton and stupid brake and malaysian stupid highway that caught puddles of waters. I manage to arrive KLCC at 6:30 Just in time for this

Well it wasn't half as bad as Delirious in Singapore. When I got there the line was moving already kewl.

Then I caught this sticking out (sorry for the blur, forgive me camera)

They stick a ridiculously small attention there. "recording device are not allow, they will register it upon entrance" Looks like I might not want to sell my camera off for the sake of sneaking it in situations like this heeeee :)

Everyone went through without their recording device but my water was taken :(

I paid RM123 for these :(

Since I was alone so... I got nothing else to do but observe people lor

They seems like knowing what to do before concert

Whoa uncle & aunty, radical 99 la you... ji lei si rock band ler haha

Er this one I really no clue, are they hardcore fans or just regular board maker? Know how to spell swiTch or not?

Then we wait and wait and wait and finally~ lights off! WOOOOO and They go WOOOOOO

LOVE ME BUTCH came out 1st. Though I don't know their song, but I really felt like butchering them up! they are some heavy metal ada gaya ada mutu tapi crowd tak on ni, Plus the sound man dah la teruk, can't hear anything they scream. So yea it sounds like the picture la.

Just then a security guard kept blocking my camera and ask me to shut it off. And he eyed on me constantly so that I don't take any pictures. So what to do SWITCH OFF or SWITCH place lor...

Altered Frequency, seems like can't live without them... they have better crowd puling skills and really rock betta than LOVE ME BUTCH. But still the crowd were bored and can't wait to turn on the


fangz said...

heavy rain, traffic jam.. reminds me of my kl-days (-__-)

reminds me of that tunnel too!

paisehz for the irrelevant comment haha.

:: J o h n :: said...


nvm nvm