Today, my colleague asked me, I thought you're not suppose to reveal who you're voting for? (After seeing my MSN display pic)

I display this logo by Haris Ibrahim

Truth is, No body is afraid any longer, with May13 or whatever the government tries to threaten. The internet has brought the people closer, Conversations are just clicks away. This in turn has form a strong unity amongst the netizens.

To quote one of my favorite sci-fi movie, iRobot, it is one of the most memorable quote that I can remember from any movie.
Why is it that when some robots are left in darkness, they will seek out the light? Why is it that when robots are stored in an empty space, they will group together, rather than stand alone? - iRobot
Yes that closeness by internet has created a whole bunch of netizen that what I call separately together. When unity is strong, the will is strong as well.
The fact that I am exposing my party is still very uncomfortable to her. I agree because my parents have never say which party they vote for until we're like older(like now). So are a lot of Malaysian citizens for the simple fact of fear. The fear of being tangkap by ISA lol. Unless of course you're supporting Barisan National.

The other day I wore Vote for Hannah Yeoh T-shirt to church and that drew some views but no one bothered to comment except a few. Some people are uncomfortable that I wore something like that to church. Actually I felt uncomfortable wearing it OUT AT ALL. For the very same fear that I kena belasah nanti. But then, The shirt was printed for the sole purpose of advertising. Takan I say I am making a change yet be ashame of wearing it?

And then when I surf the net I found many interesting graphics and propaganda message hehehe. Sounds interesting? Look at some of it. All posters by Mob1900

This is a response to FONG PO KUAN's return to contest again for DAP

I like this because it has a double meaning to it in the font. Well It is Arial font by the way hehehe. It is in conjunction with the BERSIH and HINDRAF rally where actually there is no need for police to take action but it seems that they did use force.

And then there is this creative bunch over Youth4Change came up with this funny brilliant videos ala APPLE + PC type of advert.

on Why the crime rate has gone up

on Why you must change your lifestyle

on... actually this is my favourite one hahaha I can't stop laughing at it

Alright so this is all about propaganda from the internet because all this can't get their spot in TV and newspapers lol. So are you still afraid still on exposing who you're up against?

and a side note. Being a Christian is also the same. Are afraid on exposing your identity? Do you pray visibly? or are we still hiding? We are constantly being suppress by shame, and the Devil is winning. Are you up for a fight? I hope you do.


angeliCassie said...

bro johnnnnnnn...i so want the shirt la..i know you go ceramah then get for free is it?yooo..i told my folks to get for me..but they didn't =(

:: J o h n :: said...

No free shirt. I donate 10 bucks to them la... but its only 10 dollars so it is alright to me I guess.