Racial Dispute over Perak

Alright this bound to happen. Racial Dispute between DAP and PAS although this has lasted longer than I thought. The Meteri Besar of Perak shall be PAS after many days of anticipation over the matter and it is truly a surprise as for the 1st time DAP members themselves are not agreeing with one another.

Read it here. Read some of the comments too

Well this bound to happen. Sigh. well. nothing much left to say but again, there is some surprise spin in the story. Why PAS? don't know... Foul play? might be. BN will not stop using racial cards. And of course its free media. This will never end. NEVER!

As you can see, we are accepting change alright. We are trying to wipe away all our racism and move towards a better tomorrow and yet BN cant stop using PAS to scare Chinese off. Well, the younger and more educated generations are accepting the fact that PAS is indeed alright. But the older generations are really despising the idea of that. Again, read the comment on that blog it is all written mostly by chinese hantam Mr. Lim for the irrational decision.

I bet tomorrow's news would have highlight this matter. "DAP and PAS dispute", "PAS to be sworn in, DAP boycott" "You should have voted for BN for better future" or something like that. check if it is correct.

On the contrary, I just came back from burger stall in USJ4. There are racial harmony still. It gives you a sense of good feeling when talking like braders. Malay cook, Chinese, Indian customers nothing happen also. Then I heard the Malays talked among themselves politics. Of course they are being very careful about it. They talk about Khalid is getting sworn in tomorrow as Selangor's MB and how efficient they are in cleaning up the banners around USJ and how BN banners still there and MPSJ lazy to work HAHAHA

It is true. Walk around, You can almost see zero PKR flag and banner well still got 2 DAP banner la. But its all good. Hope Uncle Kit Siang will make correct decision la in tomorrow's meeting. Why do I get the feeling that Perak won't be an peaceful state anymore? Haha.

Well now Mr Khir is no more running and became the opposition (since Barisan Rakyat has become selangor government so that makes BN the opposition) leader and straight away poyo-ing around making loser childish remarks - WE WILL KEEP THEM IN CHECK. we will make sure their manifesto are fulfilled. Er watch the video below la.

I sense malice, I sense bad things gonna happen. And DAP PKR PAS aren't used to playing bad guys so now they got to learn fast in dealing with bad guys with righteous mind set. All these only reignite my memory of....

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Anonymous said...

now only they "wanna help them". haha...we'll see them "help" the opposition.
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