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Wee... all this hype about boycotting the MSM (mainstream media) only brought me back in time where I did my assignment - war and media assignment. It is an research based assignment (of world war 2) and that is I guess the most extensive and crazy research I ever did with my group mates of course.

That is when also I learnt a lot on how to capture stuff online (media files) converting RMVB etc etc. The amount of stuff I found was crazy. I found videos, original radio advertisements and also original song to ask people to invest so they have money for war. Those days youtube was unheard of so for me to get it, it is amazing.

Well, let me take you through this (after much searching from my archived cds) different types of media used in world war 2 (it is all in the US).

Let's start off with the most common one - POSTERS

Some might seen this poster before. This is uncle sam, An iconic cartoon figure to recruit armies. Sure you have seen him or similar to him before

This is probably one of my favourite posters because of its meaning, they are kids and they had frown faces on. The tagline further enhance the picture. What happen if the shadow touches them? See the doll on the girls hand? (that's why I like it. bet you would miss that if I don't elaborate)

This is another iconic figure ROSIE. This is to recruit more women in jobs back in the country while their husband goes out to war. This war has also change women's role in society whom became more liberal.

Alright that's all I will show for poster before you get bored. Now we move on to another Media which is comic book. Bet you didn't know that most of your comic hero today derive from wars. They were representation of Justice and Heroism

DC comic's Superman, Batman and Robin vs Adolf Hitler, Japanese and Italian Dictator (cant remember name haha)

Erm that's Angel from X-men

Fantastic 4's The Torch. This I am sure you all know coz the show very leng chai HAHA

That's all from the comic world which I think it is the best of all comic covers. Actually there are plenty more as well but we shall not go into that.

Radio Ad
Of course radio does play an important role in propagate the war.

Note that I am not a racist and I do not think Japs are dirty ;)

I suddenly felt stupid because I am having a writing block now and my sentence don't make sense. Well anyway "we save the best for the last" Let's welcome the fame TV cartoon actor- Bugs bunny~ Oh yes the rabbit that we all love helps in campaigning for war too heheh. more on youtube. Go figure

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fangz said...

this is why I like design! too bad a lot of ppl in Asian countries, who aren't in this line just dun seem to get it.