Run Khir Run

All things are good now as during this 2 weeks, I have learned more about politics than my entire highschool history (which I never pay attention anyway)

Life is going back normal as I am slowing down already in my blog hehe. However, I still can't take my eyes off politics. Not for quite sometime since I would really like to see what happen to our newly obtain states hehe.

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As for now, I can see change has begun as you all remember our former MP Khir Poyo Toyo is the most unfavourable person in town now. You might remember him from the broom that he presented as anugerah for the worst performance of by 2 certain government body...

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This morning we got an urgent call from our client stating that it is a very sensitive issue and ask us to kindly remove Toyo's picture from their website as soon as possible, delete any news regarding Toyo and make it as clean as possible. Our client is public listed company and also GLC (Government Linked Company) . We have also hide their corporate structure and suppose to remove his name and sort.

I believe the new state gov are working hard to open up cans of worm now haha. What was messed up by Khir are beginning to unfold. GLC and other companies are trying to wipe him off having stating they have nothing to do with him. Well, the result is clear on what type of MB we had in Selangor. The skeleton in the closet type.

And now many companies as I can see are shaking because of the terrorist that are bombarding their way yes I call them (opposition) terrorist because we are very terror mar! So it is changing bit by bit at least.

I like what Anwar Said:
“There will be no new cars or huge budgets for renovating offices and so forth. Those are the excesses of the past that we must not adopt.”
This is what I call leading by example. By the way Khir Toyo has disappear haha I would run too if I am him.

Alright I shall discipline myself to blog less about politics as there are already plenty out there and I am not that good in politic blogging. I just blog for the interest of myself in politics. Whatever I find amusing, I will blog. So as of this, let my life get back to normal. I find that I am beginning to become like my dad writing in newspaper columns. LOL

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