Day 3 Thailand (Part: Hello Khon Kaen)

Lol throughout the journey I did not take pics because I was super tired that once on the bus I terus sleep till break of day which is where we arrive at KHON KAEN after 6 and a half hours.

If Bangkok is KL then Khon Kaen must be like Malacca. (I meant the city). And so we arrived at our HOTEL - Charoen Thani Princess. We went in to our rooms but our rooms have not been cleaned yet. My roomiee (Khang Wei) straight jump onto the bed and trying to nap -_-" I say it had not been clean but he was too tired I guess. So anyway we went out for breakfast... After getting the directions we ended up in

Market again. But it looks like their favourite place to eat are like in the market or some sort.

Oh saw this... hmm most of their dogs there are stray dogs, that includes toy dogs. Dogs are not pets there I suppose. Chiwawa, Shizu whatever toy dogs la are all kinda stray (I can hear dog lovers go like so poor thing)

Rather than just going for regular food this time I went and buy snacks~ This is not worm lol its like fried keropok or something.. Not sure the exact spelling but this was what I was told.

Again wasn't sure the spelling but this tasted like a-pom and its pretty good too!

The left guy is my roomate. I super like him because of his ability to make the (-_-) face and I have never seen someone who can do that face... The right guy is my group leader.

And after that we were pleased that our room has been cleaned out. And tada this is my room which cost 1200 baht per night. I have stayed in many hotels and apartment for church camps but THIS IS NOWHERE that la... 4 star and they give you 3 pillows each + somemore in the cupboard. And they even decorate your bed with a silk scarf? The TV was later changed to a flat screen 29" while we were there. The bath room amenity were like complete including toothbrush and toothpaste and shaver which rocks~

As usual he hit the bed and slept

Does this looks like Malacca or what? Anyway it bothers me that Thailand is like flat.... everywhere you look - flat... there is no mountains and stuff like that to be seen.

Before we knew it, It was lunch and we are to eat and then go to conference. So of course we ended up in the market again and this time I braced myself and ordered

It actually doesn't taste bad at all but too bad I can't finish them and had to swap with Joleen because it was super spicy for me haha

And we're back on the bus again going to camp venue.


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