United in KL (again)

It will not be fair if I did not blog about united (right) I know some of you rather me keeping quiet rather than writing Haha. To be honest this is rather a very hard article to write because of various aspect and I hope I can cover them all.

Well after my last review about united concert which they played on the 24th of Nov 2006, I have to follow up with the reviews since this is the 2nd time watching them play. This post is not meant to start a debate whether who loves them and do I love them or not. It is purely what I think of United.

*Disclaimer - John does not anti or hate Hillsong or United.

In fact, the 1st thing I did when I arrived was to go to their merchandise counter and see if they sell "In the valley by the sea" EP CD. Simply because I love the album.

United is still very good in composing music and also performing them and definitely a huge blessing to the Christian industry musically. I mean who hasn't sang Hillsong before? Even American Idol sang them. just that, too much of it damages musical genes. Just like too much BN is harming the country.

So yea again I resort to stand at the back of the hall simply because there is plenty of things you can learn from the whole band rather than just looking at one. Though many would probably label me anti social XD. They stood right in front squeezing with everyone else.

Its a Sad thing that Matt Tennikoff and JD, Michelle did not make it to the band this time around but the rest of the members are the same I guess. I don't have much impression on their band accept a few. I don't even know who's the drummer.

On overall of the essence of "LIVE"
Well, I have always say that HILLSONG is too clean though they always have the "LIVE" word up in their album. Truth is can one play that perfect mistakeless? Yes such exist and they are Hillsong. They must have practice like thousands of times for a song. For me a Live music concert should draw some creative energy and Hillsong is still lacking of that. There is no room to expand, and get wild. Everyone must follow the book. Maybe they don't intent to go that way? Never know.

On Predictability
And I've said it enough that you pay the ticket to go and hear the album and I was right. Everything was how it suppose to be. They do follow the book and guess I must have read the book too much. My prediction was half right half wrong. I predicted that they will start with Introduction and go to time has come (When I said that I was only 10% sure) And guess what I was right. The only thing wrong was that I predicted Break Free to be at Encore but they sang it 2nd.

And guess everything was according to the CD sure they have modded some stuff but still It is out in their new "LIVE" album right up to closing song and also the prayer. To be honest I've got nothing against that. I mean Delirious plays the same stuff and do the same stuff just that they don't do it EVERY YEAR!

On Element of surprise
Me and Toefl agreed that the best song they did was "My Healer" by Planet Shakers. Why? Because that was a surprise moved and I gladly welcome that. I mean I love it when you think ok they are going to do this song next and then they go like "Nope we're going this way... GOTCHA" and that therefore deserves a credit.

On Whatever
Ooooooo I love the lights this time though it wasn't that perfect but hack the lights were good in control! Great guy handling it. And you all know that I absolutely dislike GT sound man because they are so urght! Thankfully they used their own personell. Great SOUNDED EXPLOSIVELY good. Of course like any other snobbishy band, no pictures of the band were allowed to be taken by individual. And I give GT the credit that they manage to kept that at minimum and I got caught twice LOL. Oh well.

Ok. This is a make or break concert for me. It decides whether I will attend another one and my answer is... NO and I highly think that the 1st time they came was so much better and more energy till the end. You can compare the songs below with the songs they sung the 1st time round

1. Introduction - Time has come
2. Break Free
3. Take it All
4. My Future Decided
5. Mighty to Save
6. Hosanna
7. Chains be broken *bit*
8. The Stand

Read a passage from Isaiah 53: 3-5 talk about Mike Guglimucci of Planet Shakers who was diagnosed with bone cancer last year and he wrote a song

9. My Healer
10. Shout unto God

Short preaching and salvation call. quite some people responded. Good.

11. Lead me to the Cross
12. All I need is You
13. None but Jesus
14. From the Inside Out
15. Saviour King
16. Salvation is Here
17. What the World will Never Take
18. Tell The World
19. One Way
20. Solution

So there you have it 20 song and again I would say... THAT IS A MONSTER HUGE set of list


fangz said...

speaking of which, the other day i was at a american diner and they were playing United I think. hoho mission impossible if it's in m'sia.

daren said...

Thanks for sharing the details of the United Concert!!

Hope u dont mind us linking to u :)


Joel Yap said...

Healer is really a great song!