Church Parliament

And we laugh at our politicians HAH!

Yeap just like my title, I think church is looking more like parliament and it is sad because like parliament most MP gets sideline and simple majority gets the say.

I am currently at my office right now blogging about this. I love the fact that I am alone right now, but my boss walked in just now. How weird. At 12:30AM but after what happen at church, I feel better because I had to solve some client's problem. I feel more comfort here maybe because it is something I think I am good at doing. And I do it well. and had confidence in it

And after all the MP made their case, the usual, nothing really happens. I did not even get to pass my bill, I did not even make a sound. In that case I can't help but wonder. Am I even an MP?


Anonymous said...
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Joleen said...

cute ler!!!

but i don understand = =

fangz said...

hahhahhaa (-__- ")

eh i und.

angeliCassie said...

Cassie doesn't know much..but she knows bro john is good at what he's doing and doesn't need to be MP to do so.and she is willing to listen to bro john's orders anytime anyday anywhere.

except when he told her not to eat so much sushi.