Back from Sabah

Well, I am finally back. I can't fully describe anything for now because the adventures is by far the craziest thing I have done on a holiday. Its amazing how we survived day after day.

Thank God for the wonderful weather and protection and things like that. We had wonderful weather when what is suppose to be the best seems to follow us around. From the peak to the island (oh yes we went to island) and everything else is just so perfect.

Recorded tons of video and also a lot of pictures which I am totally so lazy to move around and drag and drop. The only thing lacking from our trip is rest. Yes REST!

For me my only concern is my throat but that's the least of the problems compare to limb problem that the rest of my mates are having lol. Haha I had to keep my limb in the best order in order to play the drums for this coming saturday

Alright when everything else is done this weekend i'll see if I can begin blogging on our journey after I decide how to do it lol.

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