Done and Up

Well well well

Concert is over and so is my short killing vacation. I have done much traveling for this year and don't think will do another travel. Clearly we have chosen the wrong dates to be away or rather confirming the concert too close to our travel period? All is stress for

No matter it still went on like how it suppose to look and sound and feel. The crowd was energized but it did not really met my crowd number expectation but still there were plenty of people there and its great!

Many people were blessed by it and I shall not talk more about it which overall I would say Great Job guys!

Right now life is slowly getting back to normal. Me rushing over projects in office, getting lazy at home and rushing a few other projects along and question 'why am I here on earth' over and over again is it just to work and die? or am I suppose to do something else with it? I don't know I am still dazing over the fact that I have no more holidays to look forward to except probably for Christmas.

Right now I am in the quest of
1) getting a website done
2) fix my 366 project which is stalled for almost too long
3) find my camera else explore other option
4) plan for the next youth event
5) get some rest
6) edit the Bangkok video and Sabah Video

Sounds interesting? You bet! lol alright lunch break over back to work.

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